Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Old" Guy Stuff

Okay, this doesn’t go back to the horses, but if you experienced many of these (I did all of them), then you might be a “seasoned” firefighter if……

  • You rode the back step (and put you gear on while doing it) Only once…..that was scary…and stupid.

  • Rode an engine from which you could actually see the driver from the back step.

  • Wore ¾ boots inside

  • Wore a Scott I with no bell

  • Wore “red ball” gloves.

  • Know what a Plectron is—and had one—with tubes.

  • Remember using the 10-codes.

  • Wore a cotton duck coat.

  • Remember the introduction of “safety straps” for the back step.

  • Taken a 2 ½ inside. Something that should still be done, but isn't much.

  • Cut off a pair of leaky ¾ boots for your first set of bunker pants.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Old "Rules" Aren't Necessarily Wrong

Fire Chief’s, like Presidents, are often proudest of what didn’t happen on their watch. That thought reminded me of a few rules my father taught me from day one in the “business” which in the subsequent decades, I have not found reason to question.

The first rule was “there ain’t no water damage if the building burns down.” Put enough water on the fire and it goes out. Try to “save” water, and you end up with a long day.

The second was “there is no such thing as a rekindle.” The fire you didn’t fully extinguish via complete overhaul is not a rekindle, and Class A foam is not a substitute for properly conducting this important component of extinguishment.

Old fashioned? Maybe; but old isn’t necessarily wrong.